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FAQs: Appliance Installation Vancouver

Navigating the world of appliance installations can be filled with questions and uncertainties. At Reparo Appliance Service, we value transparency and customer education. That's why we've compiled this extensive FAQ section, addressing the most common questions we encounter in our line of work. From the intricacies of installation procedures to our commitment to eco-friendly practices, delve into our comprehensive guide below to find answers to all your pressing queries. Empower yourself with knowledge and make informed decisions for your Vancouver home.


1. General Queries:

Q: What services does Reparo Appliance Service offer?
A: Reparo Appliance Service specializes in comprehensive appliance installation solutions, including consultation on appliance selection, removal and recycling of old units, and flawless installation of new appliances such as washers, dryers, dishwashers, and refrigerators.

Q: Are you licensed and insured for appliance installations?
A: Absolutely! We're fully licensed and insured, ensuring peace of mind for all our Vancouver clients. Our professional team is trained to adhere to the highest industry standards.

Q: How long has Reparo been offering appliance installation services in Vancouver?
A: Reparo has been proudly serving the Vancouver community with top-tier appliance installation services for over a decade.

Q: What areas of Vancouver do you serve?
A: We cater to various neighborhoods, including Kitsilano, Downtown Vancouver, West End, Yaletown, East Vancouver, South Granville, and many more.

Q: How do I schedule an appointment for installation?
A: You can schedule an appointment by contacting our friendly customer service team through our website, email, or phone. We're here to assist you at every step!

2. Pre-Installation Queries:

Q: What preparations do I need to make before the installation?
A: Ensure the area is clean and easily accessible. If you're replacing an old appliance, please clear the surroundings to provide our team with ample space.

Q: Can you help me select the right appliance for my space?
A: Definitely! We provide consultations to assess your space and recommend appliances that would be the best fit, both in terms of size and functionality.

Q: How do I know if my current space supports a new appliance?
A: Our team will inspect the location for proper electric and plumbing connections, ensuring a smooth installation process.

Q: Do I need to buy any additional parts for the installation?
A: Typically, all necessary components come with the appliance. However, if any additional parts are required, our team will inform you in advance.

Q: What if I have an old appliance? Can you remove and recycle it?
A: Yes, we offer eco-friendly removal and recycling services for you
r old appliances.

3. During Installation Queries:

Q: How long does a typical installation process take?
A: While the duration can vary based on the appliance, most installations are completed within 2-4 hours.

Q: Will I need to be home during the installation?
A: It's preferable to have someone at home to grant access and answer any potential queries, but it's not mandatory.

Q: Do you ensure cleanliness during and after the installation?
A: Absolutely! We ensure minimal disruption and clean up thoroughly post-installation.

4. Post-Installation Queries:

Q: What do I do if I notice an issue after installation?
A: Reach out to our customer service immediately. All installations come with a 90-day warranty, and we'll resolve any issues promptly.

Q: How long is the warranty for the installation service?
A: Our installation services come with a 90-day warranty, ensuring you have peace of mind.

5. Pricing and Payments:

Q: What are the costs associated with appliance installation?
A: The cost varies based on the appliance type and any additional services required. We're committed to offering competitive rates, and you can request a quote for specifics.

Q: Are there hidden fees?
A: At Reparo, transparency is our motto. We provide clear quotes without hidden fees. Any potential additional costs are discussed upfront.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: We accept various payment methods including credit cards, checks, and cash.

Q: Do you offer financing or installment plans?
A: Currently, we don't offer financing. However, we're dedicated to providing services that offer value for money.

6. Warranty and Guarantees:

Q: What's the warranty on the appliances I purchase from you?
A: Depending on the brand, our appliances come with a 1-2 year manufacturer warranty.

Q: Can I extend my warranty?
A: While our installation comes with a 90-day warranty, extended warranties typically apply to the appliance itself, based on the manufacturer's terms.

Q: What does the warranty cover?
A: Our installation warranty covers any issues arising from the installation process. Appliance warranties cover manufacturing defects and vary by brand.

Q: How do I claim a warranty if needed?
A: Just contact our customer service with your details, and we'll guide you through the process.

7. Eco-Friendly Practices:

Q: How do you dispose of old appliances?
A: We practice green disposal methods, recycling parts when possible, ensuring minimal environmental impact.

Q: Are your installation practices eco-friendly?
A: Yes, we utilize eco-friendly tools and methods, always aiming to minimize waste.

8. Specific Appliance Queries:

Q: I'm replacing an old dishwasher. Do I need to buy additional parts?
A: Typically, the new appliance includes essential parts. However, based on your plumbing setup, additional components might be needed.

Q: How do I maintain my new washer post-installation?
A: Regular maintenance guidelines are provided with each appliance. Following manufacturer recommendations ensures longevity.

Q: Is there a specific brand you recommend for fridges?
A: We work with various renowned brands. Your choice should align with your needs, space, and budget. Our team can provide recommendations.

Q: Can I provide my own appliance for installation?
A: Yes, you can. Just provide us with the model number and details, and we'll handle the installation.

9. Safety and Precautions:

Q: Are your team members trained for safe installations?
A: Absolutely. Our team undergoes rigorous training and follows safety protocols strictly.

Q: What precautions are taken during the installation process?
A: We ensure the area is safe from any potential hazards, use protective gear, and follow manufacturer guidelines meticulously.

Q: How do you handle gas appliances?
A: We have certified professionals experienced in gas appliance installations, ensuring the utmost safety.

10. Miscellaneous:

Q: Can I reschedule my installation appointment?
A: Yes, please inform us at least 24 hours in advance.

Q: Do you provide installations on weekends?
A: We strive to be flexible. Kindly reach out to our team to discuss available slots.

Q: How do I leave feedback post-installation?
A: We appreciate feedback! You can leave your thoughts on our website, or through the feedback form provided post-service.

Q: Do you provide installations for commercial spaces?
A: Yes, we cater to both residential and commercial installations. Please provide specifics for a tailored quote

11. Post-Installation Care:

Q: How often should I clean my new appliance?
A: It depends on the appliance. For example, refrigerators should be cleaned monthly, while ovens might require quarterly cleaning. Always refer to the manufacturer's guidelines.

Q: Do you provide post-installation maintenance services?
A: Yes, we offer a range of maintenance services to ensure your appliance operates efficiently for years to come.

Q: What if my appliance starts making odd noises post-installation?
A: While some noises can be typical, if you notice anything unusual, please contact our team for a thorough assessment.

Q: Can I move my appliance after it's installed?
A: It's advisable not to shift heavy appliances without expert help, as it might affect their functionality or safety.

12. Customer Support and Grievances:

Q: How can I contact your customer support?
A: We're available through phone, email, and our website's contact form. Our team is always ready to assist you.

Q: What if I'm not satisfied with the installation service?
A: Customer satisfaction is paramount. If you face any issues, please reach out, and we'll do our best to address your concerns.

Q: Can I request a specific technician for my installation?
A: While we try to accommodate such requests, it's subject to the technician's availability.

Q: How do I know the technician arriving is from Reparo Appliance Service?
A: All our technicians carry ID cards and wear uniforms. Plus, we notify customers in advance about the technician's details.

13. Emergency Services:

Q: Do you offer emergency installation services?
A: We understand the urgency at times. Please contact our support to discuss emergency service availability and potential fees.

Q: My newly installed appliance isn't working. What should I do?
A: First, ensure it's plugged in and the power source is functioning. If the issue persists, please contact us immediately for assistance.

14. Pre-Installation Concerns:

Q: Do I need to prepare the installation site in any way?
A: A clear space ensures a smooth installation. Remove any obstacles and ensure there's easy access to the installation spot.

Q: Will you inspect the site before installation?
A: Yes, we conduct a pre-installation inspection to understand the space and any specific requirements.

Q: How long does the pre-installation inspection take?
A: It usually takes about 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the appliance and site complexity.

Q: Do I need to be present during the inspection?
A: While not mandatory, it's beneficial if you're present to discuss any specific preferences or concerns.

15. Brands and Models:

Q: Which appliance brands do you specialize in for installation?
A: We specialize in installing a wide range of brands. From mainstream to high-end, our team is trained to handle all major brands available in the market.

Q: Are there specific appliance models you don't install?
A: We pride ourselves on our versatility. If you have a particular model in mind, please contact us, and we'll let you know if we can assist.

Q: What if I have an older model appliance?
A: Age doesn't deter our service. Let us know the specifics, and we'll arrange for its installation.

Q: Can you install imported appliances?
A: Absolutely. As long as it meets Vancouver's safety and electrical standards, we're on board.

16. Installation Procedures:

Q: How long does a standard installation take?
A: While it varies based on the appliance, most installations are completed within 2-4 hours.

Q: Will the installation be noisy or disruptive?
A: Some noise is unavoidable, especially if adjustments are needed. However, our team ensures minimal disruption.

Q: Do you test the appliance post-installation?
A: Yes, a thorough test is run to ensure everything's working optimally.

Q: Can I use the appliance immediately after installation?
A: Generally, yes. Some appliances might have specific instructions, which our team will inform you about.

17. Pricing and Payments:

Q: How do you determine installation charges?
A: Charges depend o
n the appliance type, complexity, and any additional services you opt for. We strive for transparent and competitive pricing.

Q: Are there any hidden fees?
A: No. We provide a comprehensive quote before commencing work, ensuring no surprises later.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: We accept cash, credit/debit cards, and bank transfers.

Q: Do I need to pay in advance?
A: Our standard practice is to collect payment upon successful installation, but a deposit may be required for special order items or extensive projects.

18. Safety and Precautions:

Q: What safety measures do your technicians take during installation?
A: Safety is paramount. Technicians wear protective gear and follow all necessary precautions, ensuring both their safety and that of your home.

Q: Is my property safe during installation?
A: Absolutely. We take great care to protect your property, using covers and padding when needed.

Q: What if there's accidental damage during installation?
A: While rare, if an accident occurs due to our oversight, we take responsibility and ensure proper reparations.

Q: How do you ensure the appliance is safely installed?
A: We follow manufacturer guidelines meticulously and conduct thorough post-installation checks to ensure safety.

19. Eco-Friendly Practices:

Q: How do you handle the disposal of old appliances?
A: We prioritize eco-friendly disposal methods, recycling parts when possible, and ensuring safe disposal of the rest.

Q: Is the installation process eco-friendly?
A: We aim for minimal waste during installations, using sustainable methods and materials.

Q: What happens to the packaging of the new appliance?
A: We ensure proper disposal, recycling materials when feasible.

Q: Are your vehicles and equipment eco-friendly?
A: We're continually updating our fleet and tools to be more eco-friendly, reducing our carbon footprint.

20. Warranty and Post-Service:

Q: What's the warranty on the installation?
A: We offer a 90-day warranty on our installation services.

Q: If there's an issue post-installation, how quickly can you address it?
A: Customer satisfaction is our goal. Should any issues arise, we prioritize resolving them promptly.

Q: How do I claim the warranty if needed?
A: Simply contact our customer service with your service details, and we'll guide you through the process.

Q: Are parts included in the warranty?
A: Our installation warranty covers our labor. Any appliance-specific warranties would be through the manufacturer.

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